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Bed Bug Spray Treatment

Bed Bug Spray Treatment

Welcome to Bed Bugs London, an informative blog aimed at providing useful information on bed bugs, bed bug treatments and room preparation among other things.

This post, Bed Bug Spray Treatment is an insight into having bed bug control in your home by method of a spray treatment.

Done correctly a bed bug spray treatment can be the most effective method of bed bug control in London. There are alternative treatments, such as a bed bug heat treatment that is more common in America but this is more difficult in the UK due to how properties are set out in neighborhoods as opposed to in America where properties tend to me more stand alone homes. There is also cost, the cost of a heat treatment is very expensive.

An effective bed bug spray treatment will include treatment of beds, mattresses, furniture such as bedside units, wardrobes and the such like as well as sofas and floors and so on. With this method a good bed bug technician will request that all furniture be empty so that draws can be removed and sprayed as well as beds lifted and wardrobes pulled out and treated.

Bed bug spray Treatment of furniture

Do not confuse a bed bug spray treatment with bed bug spray you may buy from the internet. I never advise d.i.y treatments as they can actually make a bed bug infestation worse and plus the insecticide you are purchasing would be different from what a professional bed bug technician would use.  

After you have had a bed bug spray treatment there will be a period of time when you cannot re enter the treated rooms, typically for between 3-6 hours and then you will be advised of what cleaning is required.

Bed bugs can infest every area of a property, curtains, sofas, cracks and crevices, furniture, clothing, the back of pictures on a wall or books and personal items. The most important thing is to spend time preparing your property correctly. 

Throughout this blog, Bed Bugs London, you will find posts on many useful things from bed bug control London, room preparation and frequently asked bed bug questions.

Thank you for reading. Should you wish for more information on our bed bug control London, inspections or other services contact me.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Room Preparation

Room Preparation

Welcome to the Bed Bugs London blog. This post will have all the information needed to preapre your room for a bed bug treatment.

If you are about to have a bed bug treatment carried out, then this post, Room Preparation is a guidance for you. 

The correct room preparation prior to a bed bug treatment is key to a successful treatment. Any bed bug control treatments being carried out requires certain things to be done beforehand. Here I will take you through those stages. If for some reason there are certain parts you cannot do then do not worry, it can be worked around or contact me if you have any concerns or require further advice.

1. Room Preparation is Beds:

  • If your bed has draws in the base, please ensure these are empty. Anything in those draws is highly likely to have bed bug activity on it. If you have any items of material in them, wash it at 60c or bag it then wash it when you can. Either way, the draws must be empty. 
  • Bedding removed, again, bagged to be washed or straight in the machine at 60c
  • Leave them bed and mattress in place, I will move as I need to.
  • Also, if you curtains overhang your bed they are likely to have bed bug activity in them. These need removing and washing too. 

2. Room Preparation is Furniture:

  • Please have all furniture in the rooms empty. I like to treat all wardrobes, chest of draws, bedside tables. Leave no stone unturned as bed bugs can easily infest furniture. 
  • Clothing, bagged and to be washed at 60c or the highest heat and dried without ruining it. Bags can stay in the room, I can work around the bags. 
  • If you have books in bedside tables we will speak about these, bed bugs love books, dvd cases and things of that sort that they can squeeze into. 
  • Furniture should be moved away from the wall six inches. If this is an issue for you speak to me, it wont be a problem. 
Room Preparation for bed bug treatments Room Preparation, bed bug control London

3. Room Preparation is Floors:

  • Please hoover the floor of the room and ensure that it is free of personal items.
4. Room Preparation is Toys/Teddies:

  • Any toys and teddies or kids items cannot be in the vicinity of any bed bug control treatment or insecticide that is to be used. They must be bagged up. Do not move items from the infested room to other rooms without thorough inspection first. 
5. Room Preparation is Electrics

  • Ensure all plug sockets are switched off and all small electrical items are removed, laptops, games. NOTE - Tvs and dvd, pc's, console players can stay in the room on top of their units, just cover them over. 
6. Room Preparation is Pets:

  • No pets can be in the treated areas. Dogs and cats, aquatic species must all be removed.

Before your bed bug treatment is carried out you will be informed of what is to be done but this rough guide will help you prepare the rooms. You will be informed of what cleaning is required at the time of the initial contact and at the time of the treatment. 

For more information contact me directly or if you would like to know more about our bed bug control in London why not take a read through some of the other posts of visit our website


07940 592 497

Friday, 27 June 2014

Bed Bug Control London

Bed Bug Control London

Welcome to the Bed bugs London blog and this post, Bed bug control London. Hopefully this blog will be of use to you in learning about bed bugs, bed bug treatments in London we offer and other useful posts.

Do you require bed bug control London, UK?  Then let me tell you a little more about what you can expect from us and our bed bug treatments. 

Bed bug control London
Our services, such as inspections or Bed bug control London always start with a discussion. We like to see if it is clear as to how you got bed bugs and speak to you about your property and preparation.

Maybe you have been on holiday, travelling or maybe you have stayed in a hotel or even had people stay over at your home. 

There are many ways you can bring bed bugs into your home and if we can find the cause it is always helpful especially when looking for eggs. Perhaps you recently obtained a new item of furniture and that is the cause. We would inspect all items in an infested area for eggs as standard but any information we can get at the start is always useful.

If you need bed bug control London the first thing you have more than likely noticed is that there are many companies offering this service. We like to think that we are supportive, informative and leave no stone unturned when carrying out bed bug removal in homes. We provide advice from start until completion.

Our bed bug treatments in London are available to all parts of London. They are also available to homes, hostels and hotels.

Before any bed bug treatment can be carried out there will be a certain amount of preparation you are required to carry out. Things such as clothing, furniture and the condition that the room if required to be in for us to carry out an effective bed bug treatment.

The time required to complete the treatment will vary on the size of the property. It is not a process we rush however. I have heard stories from clients that had used other people beforehand that tell me the technician was done in 10-15 minutes. That I can assure you is not the case. It takes as long as it takes to treat all areas and items correctly. 

Noticed the first signs of bed bugs? Require bed bug control London? Contact Bed Bug Control today!

Bed Bug Control London

  • Treatment of beds and mattresses. 
  • Furniture, wardrobes, chest of draws, bedside units.
  • Floors, cracks, crevices.
  • Inspection of all areas, curtains, shelves, pictures, cupboards in rooms.
Bed bug control London
Discreet Bed bug control London

Once a treatment has been carried out you will then need to stay out of the property for a certain amount of time. Upon returning there will be cleaning to do which will be explained to you and written on your report. 

Bed bug infestations often feel worse than they are and can cause stress and anxiety. We see all levels of bed bug infestations and if you act as soon as you notice signs of bed bugs then it can be prevented from becoming a heavy infestation by allowing them time in your home to breed. I would also advise against trying d.i.y treatments such a bed bug bombs or aerosols as these can actually make the issue worse.

If you would like more information then feel free to contact me directly


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and welcome to the latest post from Bed Bugs London. This post, frequently asked questions, may answer some of the questions you have about bed bugs or help you understand bed bugs better.

As I have said in many previous posts understanding bed bugs and knowledge of bed bugs will not only assist in the control of them but help you ensure you know the signs to limit the risk of future bed bug infestations in your home.

Frequently asked questions, bed bugs London.
A female bed bug can lay up to 300 eggs in her life time in the right conditions.
Small, 1 mm, white and sticky, bed bug eggs can be difficult to spot to the untrained eye and can be one of the difficulties in eradicating bed bugs due to the places these eggs can be laid. 

Some more frequently asked questions:

  • Can you see bed bugs? Yes, in fact an adult bed bug is similar in size to an apple pip and easily seen.
  • Will steam kill bed bugs? Yes it will, but you would need to treat many items accurately to ensure all bugs are eliminated and steam can pose its own challenges and risks. A deep clean with cleaning materials can clear up early infestations by ensuring all carpets, furniture in the room with bed bugs in targeted. 
  • Do bed bugs fly? No they do not fly.
  • Do bed bugs transmit any disease? No, but you could get an infection from scratching bites and breaking the skin as they do itch.
  • Do bed bugs only live on the bed? No definitely not. Bed bugs can be found anywhere you spend a prolonged period of time, bed bugs, sofas, chairs. They can also be found down the side of carpets close to the bed, top of curtains, book shelves, rear of pictures, inside furniture, on items under the bed, tops of walls, rear of bedroom doors, in books and cases, boxes. Basically, anywhere in the room they could be found.
  • How long can bed bugs survive without feeding? Tricky one, and best answered up to a year. Bed bugs are cold blooded and in cooler conditions their metabolism will slow down enabling them to live longer. In room temperature, 3-5 months would be more realistic. 
  • Do bed bugs prefer dirty houses? No. This is a myth. People say it wont happen to me my house is clean. Bed bugs can be found in the cleanest homes or hotels, hostels. A bed bug does not care about the condition of a property.
  • Do bed bugs like heat? No they dislike heat. Bed bugs do not even like the heat of our bodies, only sticking around long enough for their feed then moving away. Heat is also a good but expensive method of bed bug control and removal. Its a more common bed bug treatment in the U.S.A
  • How are bed bugs spread? Bed bugs are spread on items such as clothing, bags and luggage if you have stayed somewhere that has bed bugs or by someone visiting you that has bed bugs. Also, bed bug infested furniture being brought into a property, beds, sofas, pictures. Holiday and travelling. I have seen cases of people taking items home they found on the street and then becoming infested with bed bugs and even people buying items from internet auction sites that were infested therefore becoming infested themselves.
  • How much are bed bug treatments? That will depend on the bed bug company you use, the amount of bedrooms to be treated, the type of treatment among other things. 
  • How do you prepare for a bed bug treatment? Again, a good bed bug company will take you through preparation requirements in advance, but here is some information from myself on this subject - How to prepare for a bed bug treatment
  • Do I need to stay out of the house during the treatment? Depending on what treatment is done, what that companies procedure is, then possibly yes, you would not be able to re enter treated areas for between 3 - 6 hours at the advice of the pest control or bed bug control company. You will also be instructed on cleaning and what to do/not to do.
If you would like further information or you have other questions please do contact me. I am more than happy to answer any questions and give advice or point you in the right direction for any additional information you may need. 

Bed bugs can cause severe stress and anxiety. There is help available.

Darren Groves
Bed Bugs London blog

Friday, 23 May 2014

Dealing With Bed Bugs

Dealing With Bed Bugs

In this post on Bed Bugs London, we will talk about Dealing With Bed Bugs. I hope to get some feedback in the form of comments from people that have suffered with bed bugs in the UK or throughout the world. Having bed bugs in not a reflection on you or your home, they infest any type of property. 

Id like to hear about how you felt at finding you had bed bugs, at getting the information you needed, did you find it easy finding bed bug control in London, perhaps at experiences you had dealing with bed bug companies or from having a bed bug treatment or even some comments from other bed bug professionals giving advice to people who may be dealing with bed bugs. 

Having bed bugs can be extremely stressful for people. I have seen just how bad it can affect people. Much of this stems from the lack of public knowledge of bed bugs and peoples perceptions towards them. It can make people feel dirty, unhygienic or that it is a reflection on their home. None of those are the case.

There is also the lack of sleep, the worry and anxiety and also potentially trying to find the money to pay for bed bug treatments or even trying to find a company you feel are going to provide you with the service you need. Added to all that the stress of preparation, dealing with items that may be infested with bed bugs and it can quickly push people to the point when dealing with bed bugs feels like the worst situation they have ever experienced.

Dealing with bed bugs in your home.
What I really want to see is people given advice to others. Any tips that you can share with someone who is dealing with bed bugs, something you wish someone had told you, something maybe not to do, such as trying d.i.y treatments with fogging and aerosols? As I mentioned earlier the lack of public knowledge is a main factor in why bed bugs thrive, so, comment and share with others anything you think is worth knowing.  

Dealing with bed bugs need not be as stressful as you may think. With the right advice, the right bed bug treatment and the correct preparation of the infested areas then your home can soon be bed bug free again. The main thing I would advise is to do lots of research before you hire a company for bed bug removal, ask questions of them so you fully understand the process and the costs.

I have been providing bed bug control in London for many many years and over this time and having various discussions with clients the one thing that always struck me and is what people do not know about bed bugs. I have had people tell me they thought they were invisible, they fly, that they are due to cats and have also been told by people that once you have them you need to move house! Thankfully none of that is true but only goes to show the lack of knowledge about bed bugs and bed bug control.

Lets have your comments. Have you had bed bugs? How long until you were free of them? What advice can you give to others dealing with bed bugs?

If you have any bed bug pictures you can email them to me if you likes, maybe bed bug bites of bed bugs on walls or beds, always interesting to see different levels of infestations. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bed Bugs Pictures UK

Bed Bugs Pictures UK

Welcome to my latest Bed Bugs London post, Bed Bugs Pictures UK.

Whatever the reason you are here, be it you are concerned you may have noticed the early signs of a bed bug infestation or you are simply here for some bed bug education, which is great if that is the case by the way, the aim is the same, to provide detailed, informative posts on things that I think you should know regarding bed bugs UK.

In this post, Bed Bugs Pictures UK, I am going to share with you pictures I have taken myself for educational purposes. I am a firm believer that better public education of bed bugs will lead to greater understanding of them and prevention leading to total elimination of bed bugs.

Unfortunately there is plenty of misinformation to be found regarding bed bugs and plenty of bad advice. In

Thursday, 8 May 2014

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs

If you have been unfortunate enough to find yourself with bed bugs, you more than likely want to know how to get rid of bed bugs.

Although I would always advise that you seek the help of a professional bed bug technician who can inspect, advise and treat your home correctly, you may wish to try and control the problem yourself first. 

Firstly, having bed bugs isn't a reflection on personal hygiene or how clean your home is, so drop that thought if you have it. Understanding bed bugs is part of the key to successfully eliminating them. If this is

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

bed bugs treatment and advice EPB Pest Control

Bed bugs treatment & advice EPB Pest Control

bed bugs treatment advice EPB Pest ControlWelcome to our Bed Bugs London blog.

In this, EPB Pest Controls newest bedbugs post we are really just going to go over a few things that should be of use to if you have bedbugs or wish to just learn about them and to give you some information, facts or guidance, bed bugs treatment advice EPB Pest Control.

To quote Sun Tzu "To know your enemy, you must become your enemy" Okay, I don't expect you all to try and morph into a bedbug, but what I mean is by understanding bed bugs as much as you can will help you not only locate and eradicate the bedbugs from your home but go a long way to preventing you ever getting them again.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Bed Bug Removal London

Bed Bug Removal London

In this post by Bed Bugs London we will be talking about bed bug removal London and treatments. I am going to cover what sort of service you can expect from EPB Control for bed bug removal London. This follows on from our previous post, Bed Bug Inspections - How To

A guide to helping people locate and identify bed bugs in the home if you think you have been bitten or have bedbugs which are in the early stages and hard to locate.

Now I am sure many of my regular visitors know that we provide more than just information and advice but for those that are new to the bed bugs London blog, yes, EPB Control also provide pest control and bed bug removal London, Essex and Kent and we do this 7 days a week to suit your needs.

 If you do need a bed bug treatment in London then please feel free to contact me for further information and to speak about treatments and costs.

London Bed Bug Removal.

Bed Bug Removal London

So if you are looking for bed bug removal London, read on, if you are only here for the informative side of things you may find this is not what you want to read but there are plenty of other great posts on the bed bugs London blog that cover just about every question you may have about bed bugs and bed bug treatments as well as how to prepare for a bed bug treatment.

Bed Bug Removal London - EPB Control

EPB Pest Control are requested to carry out dozens of bed bug removal treatments in London per week, even more so over the warmer months when it is pretty much all day everyday. As the reviews will show on our website we are not only effective at this, but friendly, affordable and informative. We take our reputation very seriously and because of this our level of service is second to none.

Our bed bug removal London services will always start with an inspection. I like to see the level of infestation, the areas infested, if a previous pest controller has been in and made a mess of things, maybe used an incorrect product and made the problem worse, or perhaps you were mislead by an internet seller and tried a D.I.Y treatment like a bed bug smoke bomb, the wrongly marketed miracle cure (if you believe everything you read). 
My point is, first, I need to ensure that the property is inspected to not only enable effective and safe treatment but to ensure the correct advice is given to you to ensure you understand the preparation needs. 

This is a vital component of an effective bed bug removal treatment. 


Prepare for a bed bug removal treatment will include things like, removing bedding, bagging it to be washed at 60c, possibly removing clothing from wardrobes, chest of draws, moving furniture away from the walls, NOT moving items between rooms, ensuring the room to be treated is tidy, removal of pets/ aquatic species, unplugging of electrical appliances, possible removal of curtains as it is common for bed bugs to nest in the top gathering of curtains that overhang a bed and there are other requirements.


It is not necessary to remove and replace furniture in your home but there are exceptions like when the condition of a particular item of furniture is extremely poor and in need or replacement or where you just cannot bear to keep it. Whatever the reason, IF you are determined to remove furniture you have an obligation to dispose of it correctly. This would include it being sealed/wrapped and labelled. Not left on the street for someone to come along and take it and then the bed bugs infest someone else's home.

Affordable Bed bugs removal LondonBed bug treatment in London

 Bed Bug Removal London - Treatment

The process of the bed bug treatment in London shall not be given away in to much detail here but you can contact me for more information on that via my Google + page or here EPB Control but what I will say is that you will not be able to re enter the rooms for 3 hours after treatment and you will also be given details concerning what to do when you do return in the form of a report and advice sheet. I don't like to discuss the use of insecticides to freely in a public environment such as this as I can say, and I sure many other bed bug technicians will agree, I have seen some awful attempts at bed bug eradication by amateurs and I do not want to encourage that. 

EPB Control will treat all areas of an infested property such as beds, bed frames, furniture, cracks and crevices, sofas and other key areas. Treatment times depend on the property size. Insecticides used will be discussed prior to the treatment giving information on them. The correct insecticides is another key element of a bed bug removal treatment. Any experienced London bed bug technician will agree, some can actually drive away bed bugs from the area spreading the problem. This make eradication more difficult.

Alternative Treatments

I would also like to point out there are other types of bed bug removal treatments available. Obviously cost will vary between them all. Alternatives such as heat treatments, non toxic and natural methods are also available. One thing I will say is that you should always do your homework on who you are going to employ for any treatment, ask questions, seek out reviews and ensure you fully understand what they plan to do in your home, are there any side effects from the treatment process, are there guarantees, what sort of experience does a company have, do they specialise in bed bugs. I'm sure you get my point. 

Bed Bugs 

Bed Bugs Infest furnitureBed Bug Removal Services

Other Posts Of Use

Please do share the posts and blog and comment as I like to hear your feedback and thoughts on bed bugs. If you require bed bug removal London then give me a call and arrange a visit.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bed Bug Inspections - How To.

Bed Bug Inspections - How To

You think you have bed bugs. You have noticed blood on your sheets, you are itchy, something has bitten you. It is bed bugs. In this latest post from Bed Bugs London we will discuss finding bedbugs.

Why would you have bed bugs you think to yourself. Maybe you have recently returned from holiday or travelling. Maybe you have just moved into a new apartment, stayed with friends or in a hotel. There are a number of reasons you may have bed bugs, they could also have entered your home from something you have purchased recently as we covered in the last post - bed bugs, a worrying trend, or even in extreme cases they can enter one property from an adjoining property.

So, how do you find bedbugs? Not all bed bug cases are extreme where they are climbing the walls and I have seen first hand how trying to find them, along with sleep deprivation and stress can drive a person insane! Having an infestation of bed bugs is no fun and I am sympathetic to anyone that is suffering because of them. 

The Signs.

The first thing to look for is bed bug excrement and blood on the sheets. I am sure you are aware of what blood looks like so that is about as far as we can go with that part but you are looking for blood spots. Excrement may be difficult to find at first, but once you find one you will start to notice more. In appearance it is a black dot, singular, or if you find the nesting area, large clumps of black dots. It is even possible to follow the bed bugs route via following excrement marks as it will be spread in the direction of travel.

Bed Bugs London, Inspections.
London bed bugs

Where to Look? Bed Bug Inspections

Bed bugs really can get everywhere. However they do like to stay in the vicinity of their food source. They will however get into all sorts of places you may not think of. Below is a list of places to look or alternatively this is where a professional bed bug technician would be looking,
  • Bed frame, under mattress, in joins, under wooden slats, in bolt holes, behind headboard, in cracks. 
  • Mattress, around the lip on either side, under buttons on the flat side.
  • Bedside units, wardrobes, chest of draws, on the back, around joins and edges, inside the furniture, corners, hinges, under shelf's, on the base.
  • Under window ledge, loose wallpaper, behind skirting board, edge of flooring and carpet, wall/ceiling meeting point, gathering at the top of the curtains if they are close to the bed. plug sockets.
  • Items under bed, boxes, toys, bags and shoes, anything under the bed is likely to have bed bugs on.
  • Doors, coat hooks on doors, around door frames. A favourite of bed bugs.
  • Sofas, under arms, around the seam, under the base, inside the sofa, under the seats, in folds.
  • Behind pictures on walls, in/on book shelf's, in/on books, cds, dvd cases.
Bed Bugs LondonLondon bed bug company

If you have inspected your property and are still not sure then it is advisable to seek professional bed bug services to assist in finding the bed bugs as a minor infestation can quickly turn into a major infestation if left, A bed bug control treatment should always be carried out by experienced and knowledgeable bed bug technicians, such as myself.

If you are considering a D.I.Y bed bug treatment consider that this could potentially make the infestation worse and it could also hamper any future professional treatment you seek. Personally if someone tells me they have been using materials they purchased on-line such as smoke treatments or sprays I know the problem has spread.

It is also advisable to seek expert bed bug advice advice with regards to how to deal with furniture. Furniture does now always have to be disposed of but if you are insistent on removing bed bug infested furniture it should be done correctly so as to not infest other places. Again this is advice you can get from any good bed bug company.

See previous posts from Bed Bugs London for advice on how to prepare for a bed bug treatment, bed bugs eggs and much more, bed bug control London and local bed bug companies.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bed Bugs - A Worrying Trend

Bed Bugs - A Worrying Trend

Welcome to Bed Bugs London blog and this post, A worrying trend.

Speak to any London pest control or London bed bug technician and they will have a few stories to tell. Well, I have noticed a worrying trend over the course of the last year that seemed to get worse towards Christmas time. 

Bed Bugs - A Worrying Trend, Internet auction sites! 

Yes, internet auction sites. I shall not name them and neither am I suggesting that it is in their power to ensure that items bought or sold are not infested with bed bugs but I have noticed an increasing trend of people purchasing items from these sites and getting more than they paid for!

Commonly this is from items that need to be collected such as Sofas, Arm Chairs, Beds and other furnishings. I even came across a case where by a lady was buying old pillow cases to then recycle into new, hand made cases. What she was doing with them was great, the only problem was she got a pretty bad infestation of bed bugs in her home from a batch that was sent to her.

Bed Bugs - A worrying trend. Infestations from internet auctions.
Bed Bugs - A Worrying Trend

So, if you yourself buy items from any of these sites, it is a good idea to know the signs of bedbugs, identify bed bugs, what eggs look like, excrement, and to thoroughly inspect any item before you leave the property with it. If they offer to deliver, inspect it before it enters your property. 

Remember, 1 female bed bug can lay up to 300 eggs in her life time, small and white, oval in size, they can be very difficult to find to the untrained eye. Check around folds, cracks and joins. 

If you are unfortunate enough to have a bed bug infestation due to something you have purchased do not presume that just because you then remove that item the issue is resolved. 

1. Bed bugs could have fell from the item whilst it was being moved through your home.
2. They could have moved onto other furniture, walls, floors and so on. 
3. They could have laid eggs no matter how short a time they were in your home.

It is always best to contact a professional, local bed bug technician and request an inspection. It is better to deal with these infestations early rather than waste time and money on D.I.Y treatments. 

You should also bear in mind that if all of the above applies to you and you have used your personal vehicle to collect any infested items, there is a risk that bed bugs may also now be in your vehicle. I would suggest a very thorough clean and hoover.


This has still been an issue this year. I think already we have done as many bed bug treatments this year as we did last year where people have brought from on line sites second hand items and have got bed bugs and needed a bed bug treatment to remove them.

Pest Control East London