Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs in your house is just about as stressful as things can get. Lack of sleep. Being bitten. Searching for them and not finding the bed bugs. If you have children the stress is likely to be worse. Worrying about people visiting you or spreading them to friends and family. Its a bad time. The only thing you will be focused on is getting rid of them. 

Bed bugs stay as close to their food source as possible, as that is your blood, you will find 99% of bed bugs around the bed or sofas, anywhere you spend a prolonged period of time. 

  • Beds, bed frame, items under or inside the bed, on the headboard front and back.
  • Sofas, in the folds of the fabric, around the legs of the sofa, in the seat zip line, in the base.
  • Bedside unit, in the joins of the wood, around the legs, on the rear, in the draws.
  • Ceilings above beds, where wall and ceiling join, top of curtains that overhang the bed.
These are a few of the most likely places you will find bedbugs.

Bed bugs and bed bug eggs on bed
Bed bugs can lay alot of eggs in the right conditions. Bed bugs eggs are 1 mm in size and white. To the untrained eye they can be impossible to see. 

Evidence of bed bugs activity can also be identified by the presence of excrement which is black and will increase in amount as you find the nest. You will also see it spread out as single dots along any route they take, i.e, across a wall, to get to you to feed in the night.

Bed Bugs

Treatments of bed bugs are best left to professionals. In our experience, when a d.i.y bed bug treatment has been attempted it only makes the infestation worse, spreads the bedbugs to other parts of the home and makes the treatment needed to eradicate them a little harder.

Part of an effective bed bug treatment is the correct room preparation for bed bug treatments and ensuring that any advice given by the pest control company has been followed. If a property has been prepared for a bed bug treatment correctly it increases the chances of success first time. 

  • Washing of bedding, curtains, clothing.
  • Ensure furniture is empty for treatment, draws on beds, bedside units.
  • No personal items on the floor.
  • Floors have are clean and tidy.

EPB Pest Control carry out bed bugs treatments in London daily. We have seen all levels of infestations in all property types. If you would like further advice or help with a bed bugs treatment in London or Essex then contact us.


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