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Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed Bugs Treatment

London bed bugs treatment

Welcome to Bed Bugs London and some information on bed bug treatments for 2019

The cost for an inspection of your home or hotel this year will remain at £50. If you then do require a bed bug treatment then you will only be charged for the bed bugs treatment and not the inspection itself.

The first thing to try and do if you have just noticed bites is seek help, which as you are here you are doing. Leaving it longer will only give bed bugs time to reproduce and the infestation in your property to get worse and spread around your home.

Some cases can just be one bed bug, some can be multiple, some are dozens and hundreds of eggs. Any bed bug issue dealt with quickly will always go smoothly. When there are hundreds of eggs present and spread all over different areas this is when a bed bugs treatment can get tricky and also why preparing for a bed bug treatment the correct way is vital. You do not want to be moving items all over a house that have bed bug eggs on them.

You can read in depth other posts on Room Preparation on here and I advise before any bed bugs treatment you do.

The bed bug treatment itself will consist of treatment of the beds, floors, cracks and crevices and furniture along with sofas. Treatments vary on the time they take depending on how many rooms to treat and how much furniture and so on but from our point of view it takes us as long as it takes us, there is no rushing to get to the next job!

We only use insecticide treatments at the moment as it is an effective and affordable method and if carried out by a knowledgeable bed bug technician its as good as any other type of treatment for a lot less of the cost. All of our treatments are guaranteed also. 
We are available seven days a week so can find a suitable time to carry out a treatment for you.

No one can be in or go back into the treated area for 4 hours after treatment. Something to bear in mind when arranging treatment times as there will also be some cleaning to do after treatment, of all which will be explained and written on your report after the bed bugs treatment is completed.

I hope this information helps.

Darren Groves

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